Here's how the Lending Library works

It’s really easy!

Lending - you simply list any books you would be happy to lend and wait for a member to contact you.

Borrowing – you simply look to see what books are available, if there is something you’d like to borrow simply email the relevant member.

For example: Perry has three particular books on their bookshelf they’d be happy to loan to fellow APPCA members. Perry has added the names of the books in the forum thread, ‘All things bookish’.

Marta has been looking for a copy of one of the books Perry has listed. Marta goes to the Members Directory, and finds Perry’s email address to ask if the book is free.

Perry responds to Marta’s email: yes, it’s available. Perry is happy to pay the postage to Marta, and Marta will pay the return postage. Perry would like the book to be returned within 12 weeks, and Marta is happy to agree to this, and donates £1 to APPCA, to the community art projects fund.

Perry posts the book to Marta. Marta acknowledges safe receipt by email. Marta reads the book in six weeks, and lets Perry know (by email) that the book has been posted back that day. Perry safely receives the book, and emails Marta to confirm receipt.

Next steps
If you would like to lend some of your books to our APCCA members, that is wonderful - thank you.

You can either:
- post your list of books in the forum thread ‘All things bookish’

- create a list of your book titles in a spreadsheet (like a Google spreadsheet), copying the link in the ‘All things bookish’ forum thread, or

-create a list of your book titles in a document, convert to a PDF file and upload to Dropbox; copy the Dropbox URL for that PDF file into the ‘All things bookish’ forum thread.

It is up to you, the individual member, to manage the process of responding to enquiries, agreeing postage (to the borrower, and returning back to original owner) and the time period for the loan. The APCCA Steering Group suggests the borrower donates £1 per book loaned to them. Donations can be made here:

All donations and funds received via our virtual bookstore go to our fund for art projects all donations and funds received via our virtual bookstore go to our fund for community art projects.

Please Note
All books are listed and loaned out at the risk of the individual. Please don’t lend any books that are valuable or have sentimental value as things can get lost or damaged in transit.

Please return all books in the same condition as they were loaned, and within the agreed time frame. When borrowing please note that you are responsible for all postage costs, and if the book goes missing or is damaged you agree to be responsible for replacing it. Please do NOT list personal information (such as addresses or email addresses) on the forum threads.

APCCA is not liable for any listings, correspondence, lost books or any other issue that may arise from allowing the community to loan/borrow members’ personal books.

APCCA Lending Library Guidance v1.2
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